zachary harrington first eng 101 Essay Human Communication Semiotics

Zachary Harrington
Professor Alicia Bolton
English 101
September 12 2013
Southern but Proper
In this day and age, there are many different forms of English. The differences are more evident
in the southern part of the United States, where there a mosh pit of different races and backgrounds are
found. Which can range from Gullah, in the Coastal Islands, to Charleston brogue? Most people have a
southern drawl, which can be heard at all time. The differences in English come when addressing Elders,
Friends, and young people.
One variety of English comes when addressing elders. In American culture we are taught to
show our elders a certain degree of respect, through word choice. I was always taught to show respect. I
was expected to say
“yes ma’am”
d “yes sir”, and
 maintain eye contact and proper posture. One of

my mother’s pet peeves has always been when I don’t pronounce all of the letters in a word, for
example I might say “Momma, im going to go huntin’ tomorrow morning.” And she will always corr
my saying “You mean you are going hunting?” But these incidents don’t happen often
 because of my
respect for her. Most of my morning before school go like this:
“Momma, when are you leaving for work this morning?”
She’d say
“Around 8 o’clock, is ther
e anything I can help you with? Do you need anything for
school or baseball?”
I’d respond with
“No ma’am. Thank you for asking though. You wouldn’t happen to have any
loose change
I could get for gas today, would you?”
“Yeah, Sweetie, there is some money in my car. If you’d go down and get it I would appreciate
it.” Momma would say