Y12 Salud Essay Phrase Translations

Para traducir al español:Para entregar el viernes (2/12/2011)
1I agree with this statement up to a point.
2Childhood obesity is a complex problem.
3We have to ask ourselves what we can do in the short and the long term.
4The problem of young people drinking alcohol is a major concern.
5Furthermore, the majority do not know the dangers of trying drugs.
6It is a question of persuading young people that the lifestyle they have today
will affect their health in the future.
7However, many famous people give a glamour to smoking and drugs which
attracts many young people.
nfortunately, the problem continues to grow.
9In reality, the consequences of drug addiction are nearly always extremely
negative, both for the addict and his family.
10It is a question of banning the sale of tobacco.
11The majority think that the government should take action.
12On the other hand, there are those who say it is the addict’s own fault.
13We have to tackle the problem one way or another.
14Another factor is the power of advertising which is focused on attracting young
15In conclusion, it is vital that the government play a more active role in solving
the problem.