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Florez 1
Ivanna Florez
Dylan Altman
English 114 B
To Be Or Not To Be
Society in any part of the world is constantly overlooked in an attempt to
reveal those certain circumstances
leading to the communities’ mental and
physical condition as a whole. While a target is being looked for and blamed as
any kind of positive or negative situation occurring in the world, a person or a
group of people are the first candidates. These people can be determined to be
heroes or villains; though in reality, the villains are more similar to anti-heroes.
“Reader’s Digest”
 conveys an anti-hero to be,

a person that often possesses a
fragile self-esteem, h
s often failed at love, and is sometimes estranged from
people from his past. Anti-heroes can be rebels in search of freedom or justice,
and they’re usually willing to take the law into their own hands. They often
occupy a gray area between good guy and bad guy
” (Reader’s Digest, Defining
and Developing your Anti-hero). Anti-heroism, within this sort of definition
specifically refers more to a fictional character in a story. In reality, there can
never be a person known to society to be accurately personified as a hero
because everyone’s perspective is going to be distinct towards this individual’s
intentions and actions, therefore it is more suitable to label this person as an anti-