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The United States and Russia
By: Chris West
 After the end of World War 2, the United States of America and the Soviet Union,
which was communist at the time, were the two leading superpowers of the world.
Everyone feared the two countries; the two countries feared each other even more. That’s
why in 1945, we were in the Cold War with the Soviet Union until 1991. The two countries
kept butting heads with the Space Race, nuclear energy, and basically everything in
general. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia split up and became capitalist. Now that
the two countries are allies, they’re working together with all of the other countries to make
this world a better place, until recently. Russia has a similar but different government and
way of life. The two countries are both alike and different at the same time.
One of the differences between the United States and Russia is the climate. In
Russia, it is typically cold, rocky, and the soil is hard to farm with. There are plenty of
resources but it is sketchy to mine there. The climate of the United States changes,
depending as to where you are. Up North is typically colder while down South is typically
warmer. The United States is rich with great farming soil, beautiful environments, and great
ecosystems. Plants and wildlife just flourish here.
 Another difference is the people. In the United States, people are basically free to
wear just about whatever th
ey want without any restrictions. But with all of these
controversies that constantly happen in the United States, it would not be that polite to
 judge someone else’s “swagger.” Most people in the United States wear jeans and t-shirts.
They wear items that represent themselves in their own classy way; though some people
 just dress with the crowd. Women can wear yoga pants and clothes that are so tight, that
they don’t even get in trouble for it. It’s just the way of life here.
The dress code in Russia is pretty formal and conservative because it is a really
right-wing country. The policy for wearing clothes there is fairly strict. You don’t necessarily
have the freedom to wear what you want when you are in Russia. Most men wear suits
while women wear suits with skirts that go down to their knees, and they are usually some
sort of a depressed color. But like America, the teenagers and youth citizens usually wear
 jeans and t-shirts. People who wear skimpy clothes in Russia can be classified as a
The governments of both countries are slightly different also. The Russian
government used to be communist up until 1991. That was when the Russian Federation
became its successor. In 1993, the Russian Federation became governed under their
constitution. In 2012, the president passed a new law stating that the president can take up
to two consecutive terms which are about six years long each. The president gets to