s s pdf Essay Murder Killings

Social Studies Essay
Sooyeon Kim 8C
 Essay Statement: The verdict was accurate.
 As a result of the Boston Massacre, the British soldiers were accused of manslaughter
rather than murder. The definition of manslaughter is the crime of killing a human being without
malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder. There are two
reasons for why this verdict was accurate.
 First, the British soldiers were acting on behalf of their self-defense. According to a
 passage in the book “A History of U.S” by Joy Hakim, “..a noisy, jeering group of mischief
makers gathered in front of the Boston Custom House. They began pushing and shoving and
throwing stones and pieces of ice at the British sentry.... Captain Preston came to the rescue with
eight British soldiers... Then a British sol
ier was hit with a big stick.” The British soldiers had
to act and do something to defend themselves; they couldn’t just stand there and wait until they
got beaten up. The soldiers had acted upon their self-defense because of the colonists’ attack.
According to Captain Preston, he says that, “The mob still increased and were more outrageous,
striking their clubs or bludgeons one against another, and calling out come on you rascals, you
 bloody backs... fire if you dare... and much more such language was used.” Captain Preston’s
account may have been biased, because he could’ve seen the happening as much worse then
what actually happened (since he was part of the group that was getting taunted and attacked).
Even so, it was manslaughter that happened, because they were trying to defend themselves from
the cruel act.