r j 1 Essay Characters In Romeo And Juliet Tragedy Plays

Romeo and Juliet Essay
 Valerie Welch
Complexity is generally used to characterize something with many parts where
those parts interact with each other in multiple ways; this is exactly how it works in
Romeo and Juliet. Some critics, or should I say experts, have written that Romeo and
Juliet’s deaths can and must be ultimately attributed to Friar Lawrence. I’m going to
prove them wrong. The death of Romeo and Juliet is not Friar Lawrence
’s fault
he only did what the royal teenagers asked him to do and was appreciative of the young
love; he never wanted them to die. Other members of the story pushed them towards
tragedy, but the friar was by no means one of those people.
I believe that when Friar Lawrence married Romeo and Juliet that it was in his
 best interests. For example at first he didn’t want to marry the two young children, but
then had this epiphany that maybe through this marriage the Capulet v. Montague feud
 would end, and peace would finally be brought to Verona. Some would argue that if he
had just waited or not married them at all there may have been a better outcome, but
they are wrong. If Friar Lawrence
 wasn’t going to marry them then Romeo and Juliet
 would have just run away, then there would’ve
 been a big search, each family would
 blame each other, and would end with more fighting. This proves that Friar Lawrence
had no way of comprehending a worse result than the ending of a long lasting dispute.
How was he to know that their marriage would end in a double-suicide?
Friar Lawrence came up with a plan that would leave the
two alone to be happy; it
comforted them in a time of panic right after Romeo was exiled. The obvious example
 was his plan for Juliet to drink the potion so she appears dead and then for Romeo to
meet her at her “tomb” and then they run off together into the sunset
. Some would argue
that if Friar Lawrence
alerted Balthazar first he never would’ve run to
tell Romeo that
Juliet was dead, but they are wrong because Friar Lawrence thought that the letter
 would get to Romeo before anyone else could tell him that Juliet was dead. After all, he
 was all the way in Mantua. It
’s most likely he wouldn’t have had contact with anyone
from Verona. Therefore, it is not Friar Lawrence
’s fault, more of just a lack of
communication between Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Balthazar and Romeo.
I don’t think that any
 person can be blamed for the death of the young
Montague and young Capulet. For example: Mercutio made Romeo go to the party,
 which caused Tybalt to become angered and challenge Romeo to a duel. Romeo chose to
cross the Capulet walls in order to see Juliet.
Juliet’s nurse initiated contact with Romeo
to set up a date for the marriage. Later, Tybalt comes to fight Romeo so Mercutio steps
into defend Romeo, then Mercutio dies and Romeo kills Tybalt to defend Mercutio’s
honor which gets Romeo exiled to Mantua. Then the plan is devised and they both end
up dead, by their own doing. There were many people involved in the tragedy, Friar
Lawrence was just one of them, and therefore he cannot take sole blame for the death of
the Romeo and Juliet.