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Q. Why MBA from UMass Boston?
It is my earnest desire to pursue a graduate study in finance from the historical UMass Boston
University. I am confident that it befits my profile. Simultaneously, I am sure that this pursuit
will become instrumental in the accomplishment of my short term as well as long term goals.
Ever since its inception in 1852 in the form of an institute education girls and its subsequent
transformation to an excellent urban university over a period of more than 150 years, the
university has upheld the sacrosanct tradition of educating generations of students for the
service of mankind simultaneously training them for the realization of their career goals.
It is doubtlessly admirable that when all academic pursuits are governed by a lure for lucre, the
university has not turned a Nelson’s eye to its social obligations and remains committed to its
 philosophy of creating a more refined society that accommodates all irrespective of their racial
or religious identities. I am amazed that in a materialistic world such as ours Boston has not
forgotten to think about the overall global development transcending racial and geographical
True to its reputation, Boston has a sound academic standing with scores of world class faculty
and thousands of alumni now rendering yeomanly services to the growth of global business. Its
sound policy has immense credibility and students
from different parts of the world yearn to
 become a part of its different training programs. Boston appeals to me because of faculty-
student relationship it encourages and the limited number of students in each class giving
students a room to freely share their views with faculty and speak their mind. I also love the
idea of maintaining a system of checks on students in the form of introducing rules of proper 
 behavior within the university premises to orient them towards making more fruitful efforts
and bringing out the best in them.
I am passionate about nature. It is a big attraction for me to study in Boston situated on the
coastal area. Boston’s sprawling premises is, as a matter of fact, inviting me and I am eager to
 be there to relish its natural surrounding and quiet ambience. I long to have a glimpses of the
vast expanse of the ocean. I am keen to become a frequent visitor to John F. Kennedy
Presidential Library.
Obviously, the major attraction for me is the MBA program in Finance about which I have
grown passionate over a period of time. My search for a good university for a graduate study
completes with UMass Boston. I am yet to find a single feature that does not fulfill my
expectations The Boston MBA program suits me in totality and will surely catapult me to a
new high.
It is my cherished objective to pursue a graduate study in finance from UMass Boston for a
number of reasons.