p d Ouspinsky the Fourth Way on Gurdjieff Essay Fourth Way Consciousness

The Fourth Way
(essays on Gurdjieff)
P D Ouspensky
The following essays assume a knowledge of the material
presented by P. D. Ouspensky in a series of ten lectures he or his
students would give to people interested in hearing about the
work that they were engaged in. Today, those lectures are
available in two books:
The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution 
The Cosmology of Man's Possible Evolution 
. The context in
which Ouspensky acquired the source of this material from G. I.
Gurdjieff, as well as much of the same material, is described in
In Search of the Miraculous 
Without some familiarity (and in some cases a lot of familiarity)
with the ideas as expounded in these books, the following may not
make much sense.
The essays listed below are divided i
to two groups: psychological
and cosmological. The cosmological ideas of the fourth way are
closely bound with the psychological practices—this is not an
armchair philosophy but an active way of life. The psychological
and cosmological teachings go hand-in-hand, as "one hand
washes the other", and simply reading or talking about the fourth
way is to miss it.
"Speaking generally, you will never understand what I wish to
convey if you merely listen."
G. I. Gurdjieff
In addition, there are several essays I've combined into a group
called "Miscellaneous". These last essays seem to me to contain a
roughly equal combination of psychological and cosmological
material, and so really belong with neither of the previous two
groupings. But it is all somewhat academic—the fourth way is a
whole, and every part relates and connects to every other part,