p 2-2 Essay Gender Role Femininity

Alvarez 1
Briana Alvarez
Professor Ditch
English 113A MW 12:30
08 December 2015
The Beast is Objectifying the Beauty because of the Downfalls of Media
In Western society, the influence of mass media dominates most of society’s attention
and perception of gender performance. Most Western culture is involved in social media; they
tend to follow the gender norms that social construction permits them. It focuses on how females
should behave or look. It also objectifies females and makes them fall into stereotypes by having
half-naked women on commercials, movies, magazines, etc. For an example, Carl’s Jr.
commercials constantly have women that star in their commercial be half-naked and act in a
sexual manner while eating their food. Not only are females being looked upon and labeled as a
sex symbol; they are also portraying what’s expe
ted of them. Women are accepting the
 perception that they are sex symbols by dressing racy and living up to the standards. Women are
objectified in the media which creates a harmful idealization of beauty.
In today’s society most people make the mistake and think that one’s sex ascribes to
one’s gender. Devor states, “gender identities act as cognitive filtering device guiding people to
attend to and learn gender role behaviors appropriate to their statues”(35). Women are following
the feminine gender roles because that’s what media is expecting of them. The well-known fast-
food restaurant Carl’s Jr. is known for their food that they sell to the public. However, the
company is also known for their racy commercials they broadcast on television. In most of their
commercials they have half- naked women eating their food in a sexual manner and they choose