O Captain! My Captain Argumentive Essay Abraham Lincoln Fiction & Literature

Sumi Mondal September 26, 2013
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A Sign of the Nation’s Loss
Lincoln once said, “As I would not be a slave, I would not be a master.” As we
all know, Lincoln was a major factor in ending slavery, and is known as the leader that kept the
nation together. However, how did America feel after his assassination? Walt Whitman was a
 poet and he wrote the poem “O Captain! My Captain!” The purpose of Whitman’s poem was to
show the mourning felt by America when Lincoln was assassinated. The feelings of America
were mostly sad and regretful. In his poem, Walt Whitman accurately portrays the sense of loss
felt by America after the assassination of Lincoln through extended metaphors.
“The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, the port is near, the bells
I hear, the people exulting,
” The
 first stanza in
“O Captain! My Captain!”
>focuses on that the
civil war is over, and everyone is happy, until they find that Lincoln has died.
“O hea
rt! heart!
heart! O the bleeding drops of red, where on the deck my Captain lies, fallen cold and dead.”
This quote from “O Captain! My Captain!” shows that the
speaker is in pain because his Captain,
Abraham Lincoln, is dead. In

The Civil War Ends- A
Small Town’s Reaction”
 it states that,
“the euphoria over the war’s end was shattered just a few days later with the new
of Lincoln’s
assassination.” This supports that everyone was happy because the war was over, but the joy
was gone as soon the news o
f Lincoln’s death spread, and then everyone
had begun grieving.
The second stanza emphases that everyone is calling for Lincoln, and the speaker is
denying the fact that Lincoln died. “For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths
- for you the shores