O Brother Where Art Thou Essay Odyssey Odysseus

Comparison Essay
By Charles Margiotta
Thousands of years ago Homers great epic poem The Odyssey was written. A
Poem about the adventures and misfortunes of Odysseus throughout his voyages around
the ancient Mediterranean Sea.
In recent years, many stories and movies have been
based on the same principal as The Odyssey, but one movie in particular did a great
 job in comparing the two stories, O Brother, Where Art Thou?
O Brother, Where Art
Thou? is about a man who has to break out of jail to stop his wife from marrying a suitor,
and includes his audacious voyage home.
These two similar tales, written with many
of the same events occurring in both allows for the works to be compared easily and
The two main characters of each story are very
similar and can be almost be the
same person. Odysseus is the main character of The Odyssey; he has one son
Telemachus and a wife Penelope. Odysseus was born and raised in Ithaca an ancient
Greek Island and there he has a house, land, slaves, pigs and sheep that he cares for 
greatly. On the other hand Ulysses (Odysseus’ name in Roman) Everett McGill is
married to his wife Penny and they have 7 kids and their house is in a small town in
Though Od. owns land, Everett does not have any land of his own. and
he also does not own any sheep pigs or slaves.
Everett has a very arrogant and
dislikable personality at the beginning of his journey home but after he encounters many
 problems he starts to mature and change into a better person. The same sort of change