maanrough Essay Much Ado About Nothing

Kalee Kennedy Kennedy 1
Kathryn Kummer
English 9
4 April 2012
“I Have Even Deceived Even Your Very Eyes”
Don John’s Role as the Deceiver and Manipulator 
 Much Ado About Nothing
As the play,
 Much Ado About Nothing 
, progresses each of the characters become victims
of deception. Numerous schemes and deliberate acts of deception act to manipulate the thoughts
of nearly every character. For example Hero, Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro act as
matchmakers to deceive Benedick and Beatrice into falling in love with each other. Characters
such as Benedick, Beatrice, and Borachio display a different façade instead of revealing their
true feelings and personalities. Appearances portrayed by nearly every character mask the reality
of the characters and make it diffic
ult for the reader to differentiate the true self of the character.
Characters in the play use deception and trickery as a solution to their problems. The characters
use deceit as an instrument to attain what they m
ost desire. In the play, Don John, the Prince’s
illegitimate half-brother, uses manipulation and conceals his true feelings to help him achieve his
desires. Because of his illicit birth, Don John is also known as John the Bastard. Through the
dichotomy of appearance versus reality, Don John assumes the role as the Machiavellian villain
and fools the characters of his real intentions. Although Don John appears to lose in the end of
William Shakespeare’s
 Much Ado About Nothing 
, Shakespeare suggests that with the use of
deception and manipulation, one can prove successful in reaching their goals.