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Kossak 1
Leah Kossak w1521701
Professor Jeanette Steemers
Media and Society
11 December, 2014
With reference to academic sources what do you understand by the term consumer society and
why is consumption so important for the creative and media industries?
Theory of media has increased during the last few decades, just as popular culture has
amplified. While this consumer society is developing, it is important to note how its changed
from a society that simply consumes what is put out by the industry to one that has a choice in
what they consume. There is one media theorist whose comments about how society is
consuming media still stands out today. Theodor W. Adorno, a German sociologist and
 philosopher, is continually known for his critical theory of society. Throughout his time, he
many books and articles declaring that a modern society opposes the conventional
ordering of experience found in mass media. While people are continuing to cite him decades
later, it is also important to look at how society has changed since he was a theorist, and not all
due to popular culture, or culture industry as he preferred to call it. The social media revolution
gave much more power to people towards what they consume. Society now has the ability to
decide whether or not something will become popular. However, through the proof of
commercialisation, society is still consuming traditional media that is a direct outlet from only a
few companies that dominate the industry. Although Adorno’s theories about popular culture
still hold some relevance today, social media is changing the way a society consumes pop