Kabaddi - Essay Ball Games Leisure

Kabaddi is a very old and traditional game of India. It is very healthy game. It is played in all parts of 
our country with a lot of passion. This game is extremely popular in the villages and small towns in
Kabaddi is the outdoor game. But unlike other games playing the game of Kabaddi does not require
any game equipment like bat, ball, stick etc. So it is inexpensive. Kabaddi can be simply played in a
small and open ground. It does not even require huge playground like hockey, cricket etc.
This game is played between two teams. Each team have five reserve players. Playground is divided
into two equal areas. One member of a team is sent to the opposition team chanting the word
'kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi' continually while holding his breath. He has to try touching players from
the opposing team and return to his area. If opponent team catch him and do not allow him to
return, he will be out and has to leave the court.
duration of a match is forty minutes for men and thirty minutes for women with a break of five
minutes in-between for the teams to change sides.
Kabaddi is a sport where attack is an individual effort but defence is a group effort.
No loose fitted dress is allowed while playing Kabaddi. Only a short and a vest is considered proper
dress for the game.
India has taken part in four Asian Games in Kabaddi, and won gold in all of them.
There are 4 forms of kabaddi played in India are Amar, Suranjeevi, Huttuttoo and Gaminee. Amar is
generally played in Punjab, America, Canada, and other parts of the world mostly by Panjabi
sportsmen. Suranjeevi is the most played form of Kabaddi in India and the world. This is the formt
used in international matches generally and played in Asian Games. Hu-tu-too was played by men in
Maharashtra State. Hu-tu-too is a much tougher version of Kabaddi.
India won the Kabaddi World Championship in 2007 beating Iran.