i am legend Essay Zombies

Alexis Maxinez
Writing 37
Lynda Haas
Oct 28, 2013
“I Am Legend”
At first, being the last person alive on Earth might seem like a rather interesting and
fascinating world to be in, by now
I’m sure we’
ve all played out this scenario in our minds
thousands of times already,
 just hope it is nothing like the film
 I Am Legend 
 I Am Legend 
directed by Francis Lawrence and it is based off of
Richard Matheson’s
novel of the same name,
let me start off by saying that it is not your ordinary zombie/ horror movie. According to the four
stages of genre development, the novel falls into the primitive stage; this is because the
conventions for the genre were just developing. The film on the other hand falls into the
 primitive, classical and revisionist stage because the film came out after the zombie genre was
already established, but it also
uestions or reverses conventions that were already set. It is
important to keep in mind that Matheson’s novel came out years before George A. Romero’s
 Night of the Living Dead,
which earned him the title “godfather of the zombie genre

 Yes, it has
all the characteristics that define it as a zombie/horror genre, but it also introduces its own unique
conventions, some of which may cause disappointment to true zombie fans. The film and story
revolve around one sole character: Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, who is thought to be
the last man on earth. Initially a cure for cancer, a genetically engineered virus developed by Dr.
Alice Krippin (Emma Thompson) inadvertently turned the human population into
 Robert, who is immune to the virus, has taken it upon himself to find a cure for
this new disease. The novel
 I Am Legend 
 (1954), by Richard Matheson, revolutionized the