I Am From Essay

Keaton Johns
Ms Miller
English 12 Honors
5/29/14 Per. 6
I Am From False Identities
I am from a foundation of music, music that uplifts, music that calms, music that heals. The
rhythm of my life beats in ¾ time, the rise and fall, the ebb and flow, the tension and
 breath, guides me. Grand orchestral strains, the aches and moans crescendo-ing in
glorious harmony, the fullness of it all, are my drug.
I am from a family of thespians with a drive of performing on a stage. There is nothing
comparable to putting on a different persona, a different lifestyle, and a different mindset
and feeling a character’s struggles and pains. It’s a gift and burden all at the same time.
r/>I am from the PlayStation Network, a system that welcomes all who wish for an escape. The
friendships gained from gaming are life-long: I can always depend on Master Chief to
defend me, Crash Bandicoot is my comic relief, and Lara Croft will be my future wife.
I am from a sense of loneliness that comforts and defeats me. The best company I prefer is the
non-judgmental type, the type that entertains me, and the type that lets me be me: alone.
Alone, I can think, I can breathe, I can be free.
I am from a family that expects more of me. They expect me to be social, outgoing, and a family
man. Before I can affect other people, I need to fix myself and my problems. My family
has no idea who I truly am.