g Gatsby Essay The Great Gatsby

Passage Analysis Essay
 The passage excerpted from The Great Gatsby by F.
Scott Fitzgerald is set in America during the Roaring
 Twenties. The passage is selected because it describes a
significant turning point in one of the character’s lives,
Daisy Buchanan née Fay, in which she transitions from a
young and somewhat wanton girl to a settled down and
steadfast woman. The excerpt serves as a background to
Daisy’s development of personality and lifestyle.
Fitzgerald’s use of diction and symbolism emphasizes
Daisy’s characteristics, allowing the reader to peruse her
true colors. Signs of Daisy’s emotions throughout the
passage and the lifestyle during her peak are amplified
with the use of diction as well. Fitzgerald reveals Daisy's
lifestyle in order to prefigure the inability to
obtain a solid social and economic identity that may later
on mislead the reader.
Fitzgerald mentions Gatsby's excellence and
advancement of status in the war in the first paragraph.
Gatsby “...was captain before he went to the front, and
following the Argonne battles he got his majority and the
command of divisional machine guns.” (1,2), it is
explanatory of Gatsby's progression of achievements.
Proceeding, the last four sentences include the use of the
words "frantically", "misunderstanding", "despair", and
"pressure" suggesting a somber tone. The tone gives a
sense of worry for the reader, emphasizing the
anxiousness in Daisy and Gatsby's relationship. The
development displays tension in which Gatsby is