first final draft 1 Essay Value (Ethics) Racism

Majeed 1
Abdulrazzaq Majeed
Professor C. Ditch
English 133B
17 February 2015
Performing to Adapt
Millions of cultures exists across the world. Some have faded away with time, and others
have grown bigger. It is important for a person to understand their culture and never let go of it.
Sometimes a person who is outside of his cultural space might feel that he or she does not fit in
with everyone else surrounding him. This happens because different cultures have different
values and other ways of life. In the book chapter

Culture and Communication

 the author
Anastacia Kurlyo states that,

Way of life refers to the aspects of a culture that make up the life
of its members including language, norms and values, and so forth.

 What Anastacia means id
that the way of life is a
 culture and everything he accumulated by stud
ying other people
and learning their way of life. Some might argue that culture is not important to a person as it is
something that can be changed depending on the environment a person lives in. They can
 perform another culture and change their behavior to fit into a different society. One of the
hardest challenges I faced when I moved to England with my parents was adjusting to a different
society that had different values from the one I understand. I started to perform the English
culture so I can adapt to the environment and be accepted by the people around me. I had to
change huge parts of my identity to succeed in fitting into the English culture.
At school I was a person and at home another, which helped me adapt better to both
societies. I had two brothers with me at school, so they saw the way I acted in front of friends
and teachers, and the way I acted at home. That made them question what I was doing and they