First Draft final Essay Carbon Dioxide Natural Gas

Effect of Excessive Usage of Electricity
Electricity consumption is something we do out of habit and unintentionally. We
develop our habits based on our needs, hobbies, works, entertainment and enjoyments. We
never really aware of how much we use daily and how much the source of energy is left in
this world. We are named as screen generation, it means we all depending on electronic
stuffs to complete and help us out in our daily life. We use air-con, television, refrigerator, fan,
lamps, iron more over we use electricity to charge our gadgets those we probably have more
than one like phone, laptop, tablet etc. We never really care about the effect of overuse
electricity and are we wasting it. Here are the various effect of excessive usage of electricity
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One of the effects of excessive usage of electricity it is increases risk of climate change
including higher global temperature. The combustion of fossil fuel power plant produce
sulphur oxide (Sox),nitrogen oxide (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and
hydrocarbon (Distributed Generation Education Modules, 2007). All this gases such CO,
CO2, and hydrocarbon are the “greenhouse gases” which are responsible to global warming
while SOx and NOx produce acid when released into the atmosphere, leading to the
production extreme heat and of acid rain. As a result, all these gases goes into the air and the
environment. Furthermore, human, animal and plants also exposes to the risk of death,
disease and others because of all these extreme heat and acid rain.