Fire Final Essay Wildfire Firefighter

Crespo 1
 Anthony Crespo
Tupelo Hassman
English 2
 April 3, 2012
The Fifth Season in California
California is well-known for being the wildfire capital of the world. The constant hot
temperatures, use of machinery, camp fires, and even arson are many of the reasons
why the Santa Ana winds blowing from the east spread the conflagration at alarming
rates throughout large verdurous areas of California. Residents and observers see Cali-
fornia wildfires in two different ways: A natural yearly process where firefighters antici-
pate the paths and power of these fires; similar to tracking the patterns of the also-fa-
mous California earthquakes. On the other hand, the frightening images of brush fires
portrayed in the media have peo
le describing them as apocalyptic, life-threatening,
and terrifying. Joan Didion’s essay “Fire Season” and Bad Religion’s song “Los Angeles
is Burning” illustrate the causes and repercussions of wildfires in Southern California.
“Fire Season” is more of a factual discourse that includes statistics and explanations of 
how fire-fighters detect and contain wildfires while “Los Angeles is Burning” is an an-
them to how the broadcasting of wildfires bring panic to everyone that experience and
see the terrifying infernos. Despite their factual and metaphorical differences in their re-
spective medias, Didion and Bad Religion both intend to point out how fire-fighters, vic-
tims, and spectators of the wildfires cope with the distress of dealing with the disaster.