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EDU10006 Teaching and Learning in the 21st century
Assessment 1A: Essay scoping
Fiona Pidgeon: Student ID 657999X
Define 21 
 century learning
 century learning is about the changes required in order for students to be
competitive in today’s society. It encompasses new ideas, beliefs, knowledge, theories and
 practices (Bolstad et al, 2012) and focuses on facilitation and empowering students
(McQueen, n.d.). There needs to be a focus on new skills and knowledge as a direct result of
globalisation, economic necessity and low civic engagement (Saavedra and Opfer, 2012).
The 21
 learner will be not only a learner that listens, watches and remembers (as per
traditional learning experiences), but they will be more responsible for their learning,
questioning their experiences and being engaged in an environment that is information heavy.
The learner will be in an environment that encour
ages them to collaborate with their peers,
 prove and disprove the information that they find and from that, construct and invent new
learning and knowledge. They will have the ability to teach others what they have learned
and be respected for this new found ability (Swinburne Online, 2014).
Innovation will be second nature as the learner is provided with opportunities to
engage in social media and mobile computer technologies (Senge, Cambron-McCabe, Lucas,
Smith, Dutton & Kleiner, 2012). Technology will be used for collaborative work and play
spaces, utilising blogs and creative products. These tools will provide the student with a
world of information and enable the students to use their new found skills to produce and
disseminate knowledge (Moyle, 2010).
The idea of 21
 century learning has already been accounted for in such documents as
the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians as it draws links
 between innovation and technologies.