finalspace Essay Morality Traditions

Terrones 1
Ana Terrones
Professor Beadle
English 113B
May 11, 2016
My Identity through My Cultures
I came from a Peruvian culture situated in South America. In my home space where I live
out my Peruvian culture, I develop my morals
which it helps me live out the education culture in
school spaces. My Peruvian culture,
is very conservative,
due to traditions and morals. Some
morals that I learn through my Peruvian culture are such as telling the truth, have courage, treat
others as you want to be treated, etc. Morals which help me tell what is right or wrong.
followed also by responsibility, obligations,
and respect.
These moral and traditions that
developed through my family
is what define me,
It is a big part of who I am. Another 
lesson that
I learn from my Peruvian traditions, is the culture of e
For my Peruvian culture the
education culture is important because as Smith M.K who specializes in the fields of informal
education and community learning said in his article
What is education? A definition and 
: “
Education is deliberate. We act with a purpose – to develop understanding and
 judgement, and enable action,” (Smith).
This shows the achievement of education is the basis for 
improving the lives of people and sustainable development. Though education a person
assimilates and learn skills. In my Peruvian culture, we are teach that if we educate ourself we
will better for our own and also we will make a better society.
I was raised in a Peruvian Culture,
it is with what I identify,
it is what I practice everyday
 by my thoughts, actions, and behaviors, in other words my
. In other words I can call