finalreflective 3 Essay Discrimination Multiculturalism

Mohamad Obaidi
Tuesday, November 26, 2013-11-23
Final Reflective Essay
PROV 105 AC3
For my American Cultures Project I chose the topic Hispanic and Latino Discrimination,
 because Hispanics and Latinos are consistently being discriminated against and they are one of
the most discriminated ethnicities in the United States of America. This has piqued my curiosity
and has given me an incentive to observe the discrimination that these Hispanic and Latino
 people go through. My initial thoughts and beliefs on Hispanics and Latinos is that they should
all be treated with respect, dignity, and equality because they are human beings and they do not
deserve to be discriminated against just because they look or talk differently. After all, at the end
of the day we are all the same and God judges us by looking at our good and bad deeds and not
on the way
we talk or the color of our skin. However, in my initial thoughts I did believe that
most of the Hispanic and Latino population was uneducated.
While conducting my research I went over many different sources such as articles,
magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers, and literati. Most of the sources, however, were either
not credible or not helpful, but some were extremely useful and have helped me better
understand Hispanic and Latino discrimination by informing me about the different types of
discrimination that Hispanics and Latinos go through, such as prejudice in the workplace where
your race and ethnic background can prevent you from being hired or promoted. I also learned
that discrimination varies from state to state, for example in New York and New Jersey the
 percentage of Hispanic and Latino discrimination is higher than places like Florida and Texas.