finalreflection Essay Professor Moriarty

Ka Hei (Katie) Lam
Writing 37
Prof Haas
The Final Reflection Essay
In Fall Quarter of 2014, I took writing 37 also known as the intensive writing class. I
was first feeling really overwhelmed because of the description of how much writing we
need to write, but as the class get going, it becomes not too overwhelmed. Coming in to this
class without knowing what this class would be like or what the professor’s requirements, I
was scared about not having enough time for writing class because that’s how I failed my
first time on my freshmen year. In this quarter, I was hoping to pass this class. Throughout
this writing 37 course, I studied about Victorian Era, how the detective genre in that era
has became popular. I found this topic more interesting and attracts me to put efforts in it
especially it talks a
bout Sherlock Holmes.
I didn’t really watch Sherlock Holmes or any
series about Sherlock before in my life but when I am in this class, I started to watch more
series of it and get to know more about this detective genre. I have always loved to watch
movies about crimes and this let me have more interest in the class.
On the first week of class, it was a brief introduction of what the class is and I like
the policy of the guarantee policy because it gives me a safe net on what I should be
working on. We started reading the book called
The Hound of the Baskervilles,
and getting
into the detective genre on the second week. We also get separated into different groups
and had our first presentation on the third week of school. The presentation was about
Victorian Era and we used Google docs for presenting. Our group was responsible for the