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Persuasive Writing
Of Mice and Men
In a persuasive essay, you are
trying to change someone’s mind
 about a belief or idea they hold
true. First, you need to
present your position
 on (defend or refute) an arguable topic and
why your position is correct/moral based
 on several reasons. In order to be effective,
you must sincerely
take the opposition’s point of view to heart and even acknowledge it
After defining oppositional arguments,
your job as a writer is to discredit it
. You do so by
logical reasoning
, using
specific examples and evidence
 to show the shortcomings of the
opposition’s arguments.
George was faced with a difficult decision. He chose to kill his one true friend Lennie.
Was George justified in taking Lennie’s life? In a wel
l-organized essay, convince your
reader either that George was justified or was not justified in his actions.
Is George a heroic character? Use the hero archetype to support this thesis. (Campbell or
Aristotle’s hero cycle)
Throughout the novel George is
very obedient. He obeys Au
t Clara’s request to watch
over Lennie, he obeys the rules of the farm, and he obeys the pursuit of his dream by not
going to the whorehouse at the end of each month. Argue whether or not his final act of
killing Lennie is an act of disobedience or obedience. Do his previous actions support his
final action or does it seem out of character? Who is he disobeying/obeying when he kills
Lennie? What has he put at risk?
According to your own definition, did George and Lennie have a true friendship?
Is Curley’s wife to blame for Lennie’s death? If so, why? If not, why?
 (No mixed answers.)
Your essay will be organized in multiple paragraphs. You will have an introduction that gives
the essay context and ends with a thesis, multiple support paragraphs joined by effective
transitions, a rebuttal which acknowledges an opposing view point, and a conclusion that
restates your thesis and gives the essay relevance.
Support for your position comes from you and from quotations you take from the book. No
outside research is required. Each body paragraph will use a relevant quotation to serve as
evidence (ICEE)
that the paragraphs’ topic is justified.