final1984 Essay Politics

Bent Truth : Could everything we know be a lie?
The novel
was written by George Orwell, English writer in 1949. The novel is one
of the most famous dystopian fictions in literature.
 became very popular because of
Orwell's use of contradictions and allusions in the real world. The novel focuses on the life
 journey of main character Winston Smith. He is a member of the Outer Party, whose goal is to
rebel against the totalitarian state in which he lives in. In Oceania, there are four main powers
who govern the country. The Ministry of Love, Peace, Plenty and Truth. The ministries are
contradictions themselves, since they do the opposite of what they stand for, and it works
effectible because the citizens are too blind to question anything the party does.
Orwell uses contradictions in The four Ministries, since even the names for each are
misnomers for them. The Ministry of Love’s main purpose is to enforce loyalty and love for Big

Brother but it contradicts itself, since its the most powerful at controlling the will of the
 population. When Winston was arrested he was taken to the Ministry of Love to be “cured”. In
Book III, chapter 3 O'brien tells Winston
” We have beaten you,Winston. We have broken you up.
You have been kicked and flogged and insulted, you have screamed with pain, you have rolled on
the floor in your own blood and vomit. Can you think of a single degradation that has not
happen to you ?”
They are responsible for the practice and infliction of misery, fear and
suffering to its prisoners. They torture them until they reach their purpose. They also contain
Room 101, which contains all citizens greatest fears. The Ministry of Plenty is in charge of
Oceania’s economy. It rations the food, supplies and goods that the people consume. But in
reality, they are responsible for creating a state of poverty among citizens. In Book I, Chapter II