final vra Essay Tobacco Smoking Cigarette

Bibian 1
Kevin Bibian
Mrs. Petty
ENG 101
 November 20, 2014
CDC Anti-smoking Ad
There was once a time when smoking cigarettes was extremely popular. Recently, there
have been countless discoveries about the health hazards of smoking. The anti-smoking
campaigns have been battling to end smoking by displaying the negative effects of cigarettes in
advertisements. The anti-smoking advertisements from today are far more graphic and shocking
than they once were. Recently, the CDC (centers for disease control) released a new
advertisement. The image “Tips from former smokers”
displays seven different photographs of
former smokers arranged into a collage. The ex-smokers are all suffering from diseases ranging
from cancer to breathing problems. Th
e advertisements intent is to convince tobacco smokers to
quit and inform nonsmokers about the hazards of smoking. The advertisement combines the
three rhetorical appeals ethos, logos, and pathos to warn people about the risks of smoking. The
CDC features real people, which clearly represent the ethos part in the advertisement. The
creator deliberately stamping a CDC logo and providing links to credible websites represents
logos. Pathos has the strongest influence to the audience by using emotional techniques.
The CDC is a federal agency under the department of health and human services that is
in charge of protecting public health. By using information from the CDC, “Tips from former
smokers” uses the rhetorical appeal ethos to convince its audience about their reliabil
ity. The