Final Research Essay Physical Exercise Healthy Diet

Crowley 1
Alex Crowley
Megan Keaton
English 111-11
July 10, 2013
The Decline of Physical Activity
Physical Activity seems to be a thing of the past. Knowledge of various reasons why physical
activity is on the decline is import to know if we the people are to become aware and take action. In
adults but mostly adolescence there has been a decrease in health and fitness. People have gotten
unhealthy and distracted,
and what’s worse they have become tolerant of this behavior. In this paper I
will explore several causes of this issue as to why people are becoming unmotivated and why this trend
has occurred. Health is very important and should not be overlooked.
Health and physical activity can be directly related to a persons’ environment. Studies have been
conducted with the conclusion that physical activity levels in children are positively associated with
ragement. There is a significant difference when a child experiences verbal or sees physical
encouragement examples and peer pressure. However, in recent years peer pressure has had a more
negative effect. Because people now take less care of their health and they themselves do not partake in
physical activity it sends out a message that this type of behavior is not only acceptable but average,
everyone’s doing it which makes it okay to them. If no one around the child speaks of, or they
themselves do not exercise then the child is far less likely to be involved in physical activity (Maturo et al
1). One cannot help but wonder why physical activity is on the decline. A reason that may very well
contribute to health behavior getting more attention is social influence. As stated earlier, when a child
does not see or hear verbal or literal encouragement through example from friends or family exercising