Final Reflection Portfolio Essay Citation

Brittney Berkley
English 1102
April 24, 2012
Final Reflection Letter 
Dear Malcolm, my portfolio is the perfect example of how my writing and research skills
have grown so far during this semester. When I look back at my first drafts I realize all of the
mistakes that I hadn’t noticed in the past. It shows that my writing has improved.
Starting this semester, I was a little rusty on writing research papers. I had not written
one since high school and my last English class did not focus on research. The English course I
had taken last semester was based on writing more opinionated work. We strayed completely
away from research and structured papers. I think that’s why my writing may have lacked more
n the beginning.
When I first started brainstorming in my interest inventory I really did not take it
seriously. I thought it would be just an assignment to turn in and that I would never actually go
 back to it. Sort of like a one and done type assignment. But, I surprisingly looked back at it for 
a majority of my other papers. I did this to remind myself what it was that I was researching. To
keep the drive that was necessary to research more, I’d always think back to
it. I figured this
could be considered personal growth for the fact that I wanted to stay on track. Caring about
writing was never something I’d ever thought I would do. Although I still hated it, the research
 process made me actually care about my topic.