final reflection Essay Genre

Lopez 1
Crysbelle Lopez
Professor Lynda Haas
Writing 37
December 8, 2013
Reflection Essay
Through the transgression of time, we all tend to learn something new from the
various experiences we undergo. No matter where we might be
at school, at our jobs, or even
at home
there is always something from which you will obtain a valuable lesson from.
Sometimes it is these particular moments that teach us the important fundamentals that will
accompany us in the years to come. At the commencement of this Writing 37 course, my writing
and presentation skills were proficient. My basic understand came from the multiple AP classes I
had taken during the course of my high school years and it was with this knowledge that I
gined getting through the rigorousness of this course. However, the workload and
expectations resulted to be more demanding than I had anticipated. My weaknesses in writing
were many and my strengths were not enough to balance me out in regards to the expectations of
the course. Although my writing and presentation skills were not up to scale with the demands of
the course, it was through essay writing, group presentations, and the conduction of a seminar
that I was able to elevate my level of understanding and grow not only in my writing but in my
overall confidence in character as well.
The first day of instruction was full of surprises for me. This being my first college
writing course, I didn’t know what to e
xpect from the professor and the strict requirements that