final reflection Essay Epistemology Learning

Childress 1
Trey Childress
UWRT 1102-009
Dr. Blair
12 December 2014
Final Reflection Essay
Over the course of this semester I have definitely become a more effective writer due to
the teaching, discussions, and constructive criticism received. I have made tweaks in not just the
way I write, but the way I think about writing. After the first class I did not have high
expectations by any means about this class. I just wanted to develop my skills as a writer even
more. If I had to choose one thing that I learned that I had hoped I would it would be a better
understanding of putting feeling into the words you put on each and every page. I displayed this
more in assignment number three. In addition to things I improved on, I also was able to
accomplish all I wanted to out of this class. My goals were met and I
could not complain at all
towards a goal accomplishing aspect.
I also enjoyed the process of how we approached each major paper. By doing the inquiry
 part I was able to make a layout of everything I wanted to communicate in my paper. After doing
a rough draft of our work then receiving feedback on our rough drafts I felt more confident in
myself to put together a well written final draft. This process also sharpened my skills as a writer
 because I could see where I was making mistakes and quickly fix them so these issues would not
reappear on a future assignment.
When trying to think about how I've changed as a writer not much comes to mind. I
 believe I've become more competent at writing than I was previous to this course. I have
sharpened my skills all around. If anything I have made it serious adjustments to how I critique