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Basamh, Hussam
Prof. D
English 113B (12:30)
12 February 2015
To Achieve Your Dreams CSUN is Your Choice
The last year of high school is a difficult year for senior students because they want to
graduate with high grades. Then probably the hardest decision in their life will be choosing a
university. When it comes to choosing a university, a student
might make a list of universities that he or she prefers and
start comparing them. Unfortunately, many students choose a
university based on their
 parent’s choice, not their choice and
desire. In this essay, I will try to convince you why you
should attend CSUN. California State University Northridge
is a really huge university and a beautiful place to attend.
Although many classes a
e hard to find and fill up fast, CSUN is a good choice to attend because
it allows students to have double majors, diversity of students, affordable tuition for a student,
many activities on campus such as clubs, helpful student resources.
Having double majors for a student will make him or her a successful student in the
future. According to the article “What are the benefits of double majors?” Christine Fader said,

A double major indicates that you have two areas of significant knowledge and have completed
courses that have allowed you to go in some depth into both those subjects. The benefits to this
are that you may be able to connect well with future options (career and post-degree education)
that are related to your first major or your second major or even something that combines the