final portfolio uwrt 1101 Essay Brainstorming

Takuya Kobayashi
UWRT 1101
Ms. Ingram
 November 11, 2014
Final Portfolio Essay
As a freshman in college and an international student, I have gained a lot of
knowledge and writing skills through this course. In this portfolio, a compilation of the
work I have done will be presented and analyzed. I want to show people the growth my
writing has seen throughout this course. My portfolio will include all the essays I have
written, RRL and this FPE final draft. I would like to write a caption easily understood

 by the audience and include my works in a well-organized manner. I am also going to
 put some quotes from my work so I can compare them and see the improvement. The
overall design is going to be vivid; the reader can fully understand my work and find
interest in the work I have written.
On the first page of my e-portfolio, I used a picture from football game,
introduced about myself, and described what I did on my e-portfolio succinctly and
clearly. When you click on the Literacy Narrative tab, you will see the picture of