Final Portfolio : 5 modes of communication, visual, linguistic, spatial modes Essay Bibliography Communication

Olivia DeBerry
April 28
, 2015
UWRT 1102: Ingram
Final Portfolio Essay
Final Portfolio Essay
Considering all of my final drafts and most important works from the UWRT 1102
course are embedded here on my E-portfolio, I have worked to organize and make this site easily
navigable. Considering the
 5 modes of communication,
I have worked with the
 spatial modes
to a great extent. By having all of the necessary links on the
left side of the screen, and placing final drafts
and writer’s choice artifacts in specific places on
each page I have worked with the
 spatial mode.
I have also worked with trying to decrease the
amount of objects on each page so you don’t become ov
r/>erwhelmed, or have to continue to scroll
to infinity(or anywhere close to it).
 are used over the whole portfolio.
from the course website
“word choice; the delivery of spoken or written text; the organization of
writing or speech into phrases, sentences, paragraphs, etc.; the development and coherence of
individual words and ideas”
were heavily important in all writing that I’ve done over the
semester. With the
visual mode
…as you probably can already see, I have made it easier for
you to find the important things in this essay. In
I have the
key concepts
Process work
artifacts will be in
feedback artifacts
will be in
artifacts will be in