final of ad analysis Essay Bra Advertising

Fanning 1
Tori Fanning
Professor Bolton
ENG 101
1 October 2014
Only Looks Required
Every day, we are surrounded by advertisements. We are so influenced and used to
seeing advertisements that at times we do not even realize they are straight in front of our
face. An advertisement tells us how we should feel, look, eat, and even live! Ads are used to sell
an item, to make a product stay in our subconscious by using repetition, and they have catchy
phrases or songs. For example, the J.G. Wentworth commercial that has their telephone
number in their song, with that tune that plays in our head. Wow, who can forget? Females, the
majority of the time,
are portrayed in certain but various ways. In Jean Kilbourne’s
Killing Us
4, she explains how women’s bodies are constantly
urned into objects, such as beer
bottles or cars. She also speaks about how
ads concentrate on the women’s breasts or buttocks
instead of the whole woman, to catch the audience’s attent
ion. The media through ads show
society how a “perfect” woman should look, dress, and eat. According to ads females should
not have wrinkles, blemishes, and
like Kilbourne jokes that they don’t even have any pores
Woman looking seductive and sexy in ads always suggests how that product will make them
feel and look. In ads for Calvin Klein, Bali, and Viktor & Rolf, women are portrayed as seductive,
flawless, and perfect to sell a product.
In an ad for Calvin Klein’s “Reveal”, a female’s perfume shows how women are
portrayed as seductive, flawless, and perfect. There is a man and a woman standing in this ad;