final maus Essay The Holocaust Intensive Animal Farming

Roy Lazalde
October 17, 2013
English 114A
Professor Batty
Genocide Against Animals
Animal cruelty is a widely discussed topic throughout the world between vegetarian
activists and companies that raise animals with factory farms. Animal rights are limited to an
extent and should be taken in consideration around the world. In the novel
, by Art
Spiegelman, takes place during the Holocaust and where discrimination against Jewish people is
 present. Spiegelman’s views on the treatment of Jews are
visually expressed throughout the
novel considering various themes. The issue of animals in factory farms is alarming, animal
testing is a major treat to most animals, and all could be seen as genocide to their race.
Factory farming is a play a huge role in
companies today, but the ideas have been since
the past, in this case, the Holocaust in World War II. Jewish mice in WWII were set aside by
German Nazis cats and were treated as if they were a different race as shown by Art Spiegelman,
“And the work
really very hard-
we had to move mountains” (Spiegelman 56). The picture
shown demonstrates how the hard work is and the harsh condition that they live as well as
animals in factory farms and research labs. The Jewish mice in the novel symbolize how
different animals are placed in diverse settings compared to a different superior race. Nazis
could be portrayed as the humans that mistreat the animals in the factory farms shown in the
video in
The differences shown in the book
indicates how a race can easily be