final kacie ward ln Essay Literacy Rhetoric

Kacie Ward
Literacy development is not something that people often take the time to think
about personally. It is usually a topic of discussion in a much more general, country- or
wide sense. However, I feel that taking the time to think through one’s own
literacy path, writing down memories and experiences along the way, can be very helpful
in discovery who he or she is as a writer. It forces a person to extract memories that could
have otherwise seemed miniscule, allowing him or her to go back and reflect upon how
these various experiences molded and shaped him or her as a writer. Going through my
own literacy path, has made me realize not only the type of learner and writer I was, but
also the type of learner and writer I have become over time. While I had been a decent
writer throughout my educational journey, my writing truly developed and matured
during high school. Naturally, this happened through my English classes, mostly d
e to
the affects of my English teachers and their different styles of teaching.
It was my freshman year of high school. I had gotten the dreaded, strict Mrs.
Diehl for Honors English, and I was not looking forward to it at all. Mrs. Diehl was a
teacher much unlike many others. She was strict about the work you did for her class, so
most students took her to be a cruel individual, however, throughout the school year, I
learned differently. At first, I detested her for the harshness she graded with. She made us
count our errors, graded every single assignment by correctness, treated us like seasoned
high school level writers
 it was the least bit welcoming to the high school English
community. Even after I came to realize that she was a nice person outside of class, I
never understood the way she taught her class. All we did was quiet work, and we rarely
ever discussed things. While I realize now that her harsher way of grading was truly for