final for portfolio 500 words Essay Hearing Loss Linguistics

Kaylee McCullion
CIS 110 Final Essay
1 December 2014
Final Essay
When I had signed up for this class, I had the normal expectations most
college students have. “This is a core class and we will not learn anything”.
Throughout the semester though, my perception and expectations for this class
dramatically changed. I have learned way more than I ever expected to learn in this
class and I am glad I took this class. CIS 110 forced me to leave my comfort zone and
do things I would not have usually done. I had to talk to people that I would never
have talked to if it were not class. From leaving my comfort zone, I have come to
appreciate all the different members of different cultures. For example, if it were not
for the culture project, I would never have gone to the American Sign Language Club.
I am glad we had this assignment because I met and learned about many members
in the deaf culture. It fascinated me to communicate with the members of the deaf
culture and see their perspective on life. Most of the people I talked to had positive
attitudes about life, which is not what I expected to hear. It is interesting to see how
different people see the world so differently than you see it yourself. Along with
getting out of my comfort zone, I learned how to improve my writing skills. I have
never been too great at grammar, and I learned a
good deal in this class. Every time I
wrote a paper in this class, it was very helpful when Cassie edited them. By her
editing them, I could find out my mistakes, usually with semicolons and commas,
and prevent doing that on my next paper. Also, I learned how to properly do APA
formatting. I had always kind of just made it up because I was never certain on the
correct way to do it, but this class helped clarify any questions I had. Probably the
biggest improvement in learning that I had was speaking. I learned an incredible
amount of how to properly speak in front of an audience. I learned to make eye
contact, not dance around, and use hand gestures. I had never known how to do any
of this, and being forced to do these things helped me dramatically. I am still not
where I want to be in the level of speaking ability, but I have definitely improved.
These skills will help me in the real world because any job will require one to be a
good speaker. I want to be an accountant and I will definitely have to know how to
give proposals and business speeches later on in life. If it were not for this class, I
would not be as good of a writer or speaker. I also would not have the appreciation
for other cultures because I would have gone out of my comfort zone. From this
class, I have learned to grow in and outside of the classroom by doing activities I
would have never done.