Final Exporatory Essay Achievement Gap In The United States No Child Left Behind Act

Isai Aguilera
Exploratory Essay
In English 1102, I have been challenged to think critical while reading and analyzing
different articles by different authors. The common themes of all the articles are testing or 
different points of view of education by various authors. For example in

 No Child Left Behind

, it says that the teachers control an achievement gap in which they can only fulfill. In the
article the uses of liberal education the author is trying to say that the teacher has the major 
control over the classroom. The authors are mainly saying that the teachers have the control over 
their students. Since the teachers are the control of the classroom then they should be the ones
that contribute and push the students to their best abilities.
In the article

 No Child Left Behind

, it explains an education plan that president
Bush implemen
ted in 2001 to fulfill all student’s needs. This Act was trying to help improve the
 performance of students in America and ensuring that no child will be trapped in failing school
for lack of help. Linda Adler-Kasser, the author, explains that there is an achievement gap in
which needs to be covered. She explains that there is a bridge that is labeled “Literacy”. This is
the bridge that will let us cross the achievement gap and be successful. She also mentions that the
achievement gap is the entire tea
cher’s fault. The achievement gap
exists because the teachers do
not believe that all children can learn and be able to cross the gap. Teachers should push their 
students to cross any type of gaps if they are capable or not.
“There will be no excuses made