Final Exam Essay Juliet

Write a detailed essay that outlines three tragic hero traits of Romeo. Refer to
“specifics” from the play to verify each of those traits.
In many plays, novel, and tales there are heroic characters and villainous individuals. No
matter who it may be, they both have characteristics that make them virtuous and others that
make them corrupt. These traits determine who they really are, and it also determines what kind
of story it is. These features are the core of the piece, because it is the spect
ators’ focus.
In “Romeo and Juliet,” Romeo exemplified the role of a young puzzled adolescent.
William Shakespeare did this in order to convey the message that a large majority of teenagers
experience being flummoxed, therefore they can relate. Enacted in the epilogue, Romeo
Montague is a very egoistic heroine. In Act 2, Scene 6 of 
No Fear Shakespeare
“Amen, amen. But come what sorrow can,
it cannot countervail the exchange of joy that one
short minute gives me in her sight. Do thou but close our hands with holy words, then love-
devouring death do what he dare; i
t is enough I may but call her mine.”
Romeo stated this to Friar Lawrence when he requested to be engaged to Juliet Capulet. This
illustrates how selfish he is in a manner, like all teens. In this scene Romeo denies any advice
about marriage at such an early convenience. In the last 2 lines he even states that death can
take his life, as long as he can be with his true love. The star-struck juvenile does not even
bother to take into consideration that their families are feuding with one another, in which will
lead to dreadful consequences. The next characteristic that makes Romeo a tragic hero is his
spontaneous conduct. Being impulsive can cause much havoc to not only yourself, but also to
the ones in your daily life. In Act 2, Scene 6 of 
No Fear Shakespear
“I’ll tell you before you have to ask me again. I have been feasting with my enemy. Suddenly
someone wounded me with love and was wounded with love by me. You have the sacred power 
to cure bot
h of us. I carry no hatred, holy man, because my request will benefit my enemy.”
In this extract Romeo inquires that the Friar weds him to Juliet. This is an instance of impetuous,
because Romeo had just met Juliet not even 24 hours prior. They fell in love instantly, and
wanted to be together forever, until death would do them part. Lastly, he has an immature
mentality on love. He fell in love with Rosaline, and soon broke up with her, because she
refused to surrender her virginity to him. This is very ingenuous, because if it were true love,
Romeo would have postponed until she was prepared. In Act 1, Scene 1 of 
No Fear 
“Well, in that hit you miss. She’ll not be hit with Cupid’s arrow. She hath Dian’s wit. And, in
strong proof of chastity well-
armed from love’s weak childish bow, she lives uncharmed. She will
not stay the siege of loving terms, nor bide th' encounter of assailing eyes, nor ope her lap to
saint-seducing gold. Oh, she is rich in beauty, only poor that when she dies, with beauty dies
her store.”
This indicates how egoistic, spontaneous, and immature Romeo is put together. From this
scene the audience notices what Romeo
wants from Rosaline. Rosaline on the other 
hand, was a magnificently bright girl, and knew that she didn’t
have to give it up her virginity for 
“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon
Declared by William Shakespeare. This is an amazing quote, just because individuals
have their faults, does not restrict them from being great. Others may be born better than some,
but some may not be better than others.