Final Exam Essay American Revolution United Kingdom

 Nicholas Owens
Final Exam Essay
The origins of the American Revolution can be rooted all the way back to when the
settlers first came to the new world. Britain saw the colonies as a way to gain power and to better
their economy. Settlers mostly came for a better or a new chance at life and to escape the terrible
economy found in Great Britain. Many of the settlers came to the new world to have a chance to
 be free. The Separatist Puritans wanted to come to the new world to escape the persecution that
they were receiving in England. These Puritans made a deal with the Virginia Company to settle
the land north of Virginia which later became Massachusetts. This was the first colonization that
was not created for the sole purpose of helping Britain’s
 economy or power in the world. Even
though they weren’t even t
ng about revolution at the time; this planted an idea of separation
and freedom from Britain. I believe that this eventually grew to the thought of a revolution many
years later.
The people who were born in Britain and came to the Americas to settle felt more
connected to the mother country as opposed to the people who were born in the colonies. They
knew that their ancestors were from Britain but most had never set foot there. Because of this,
the thought that the colonies were part of Britain became less and less popular as the generations
went on. Even though the British were using the colonies to gain from Mercantilism during the
first century or so of colonization; the colonies did
n’t feel much of the presence of the British
government in their lives. For example, the colonies didn’t have
near the amount of taxes as the