Final Essay Tourism Politics

Natalie Brotto
7 June 2011
LSP 200
Marie Draz
Differences in the History of Inequality in America
I have learned that t
he term “multicultural”
does not solely encompass different races and
cultures but also includes genders, sexualities, and physical and mental disabilities
In history,
these inequalities have been scrutinized by those who deem themselves superior, typically the
white, privileged, able body
A major problem surrounding multiculturalism is that people often
want to sympathize or tolerate those they categorize as Other as a form of accepting them, but
then in their personal life, behind closed doors they think and act as they choose, regardless of 
the Other
Carlson and Eli Clare criticize this idea of normalizing and sympathizing with
the Other in their writings because it does not bring fort
any permanent social change
Jamaica Kincaid’s
A Small Place, she suggests that making a connection with the Other will
promote future change
The country of Antigua is being eaten by the tourism industry because,
among other things, tourists neglect to make a real connection to the natives, and while Jamaica
Kincaid may say the tourism industry has a lot to do with her communities hardships in A Small
Place, I have found through connections to D
Remembering Rosa
and Eli Clare’s
The Mountain that a socially reconstructive view on multiculturalism may be the best approach
in trying to overcome these hardships
Antigua is being eaten by the tourism industry and the tourists do not the part they play in
this ongoing cycle
Once the tourists earn enough money to go on a vacation, they plan and buy a