Final Essay Nazi Germany Frantz Fanon

Rachel Carrig
20 December 2012
GOVT 413
J. Glass
Final Essay
Identity is the most important aspect of a person. Collective identity found in
societies is equally the most important aspect of them and tof their survival. This identity
 bonds the members of the culture together through a common union, creating a collective
soul. Collective identity can apply to groups as small as simple clubs to ones as large as
states and political regimes. Indeed, without this common identity, the society loses all
sense of culture and self. When this identity is threatened either by external societies or 
internal dissidents, the group must do all it can in order to protect it, even if that includes
acts of violence. The colonized people of Frantz
The Wretched of the Earth
the Nazi regime both felt
their identities were threatened and responded with violence in
order to counteract that threat and keep their identity secure. Political actors who fight to
 protect such an identity, even through such violent means, should be admired because
they put the core values of the group above all else. Plenty Coups of the Native
American Crow tribe as described by Jonathan Lear in
 Radical Hope
, in contrast, allowed
for the destruction of the identity of the tribe by succumbing to the oppression of the U.S.
government rather than taking up arms and fighting against them. Such leaders should
not be commended for compromise and negotiations in order to keep the physical entity
of the tribe alive and together as Lear suggests, but rather should be condemned for the
abandonment and simultaneous degradation of these societal identities.