final assignment b Essay Racism Ethnicity, Race & Gender

Wong, 1
Steven Bradley Wong
English 113A
Professor Batty
21 October 2014
Common Discrimination
The beginning of the racism by the white people to the African American were started
in the 16th centuries. During that time, the European brought some African which soon
 became slaves. The slavery was still being practiced by the white people even though the
Americans has had their Independence. As the time goes on, the black people was naturally
 being discriminated by the society.
The political cartoon shows us a condition when the citizen wants to vote at an
election day. In the picture, we can see a white guy is taking an escalator straight to the
voting cubical. On the other hand, the black guy is standing and feeling sad about the
challenges that he must through before he could vote. The author shows us that the Afric
American must pass several
requirements such as a literacy test, poll tax, the “Grandfather
, etc.
The picture simply want to tells us that there was an inequality in the States. The
majority of the people in the g
overnment itself was “supporting” to the racism.
 In the cartoon,
we could also see that there is a sherrif with his dog waiting for the black guy. The sherrif
(and even the dog) seems very ready if the black guy tried to pass them. It shows us that it is
very possible and usual for the police officer to put the African American into the jail with no
reasons at that time.
Besides those things, there are several challenges in the political cartoon that shows
us the factors that support the racism. Which each of the factors were either made by the
government or even made by the ideas of the citizen.