Final AP Lit Essay Norse Mythology Greek Mythology

Kevin Yang
AP Literature
Video Games: More than Just a Pastime
While video games come in a variety of different settings, genres, and gameplay mechanics, it is
surprising how much influence it draws through literature and literary epochs. With the impact of video
games from a technology standpoint, however, many of such influences elude even the most careful
eyes. From the 8-bit arcade classics to the beautifully rendered, computer graphics filled journeys
created today, video games have historically drawn on literary influences from across the ages,
combining both literary and artistic mediums to give new life and interpretation to ancient and modern
works alike.
Ancient mythology and history from around the world have proven to be a wealth of influence
for video games. Ancient Greek settings are perhaps the most impactful, with the most popular games
deriving its roots from such influences. The greatest video game appeal of Greek mythology and history
is that it allows

gamers all over the world love the idea of reviving historic
battles through their
consoles and PCs or taking control of legendary Greek heroes and live their myth

(“Video Games Based
on Greek Archaeology and Mythology”). “God of War” d
epicts a demigod Kratos seeking vengeance
upon Ares over a deception involving the death of his family, and the action oriented game includes a
variety of Greek mythological aspects such as Grecian gods, the Underworld, harpies, minotaurs,
Medusa, and other unearthly creatures. The video
game “Rise of the Argonauts”
 is a faithful depiction of
Jason’s journey seeking the Golden Fleece.
Appealing to more strategy-
based gamers, “Age of
Mythology” allows you to build your own Grecian city, complete with era evolution (Bronze Age, Golden
Age, etc), invading other Mediterranean cities, and calling upon the destructive powers of the Gods.
“Trojan: Total War” allows you to play as either Grecian or Trojan generals, commandeering troops in
battles of the historic Trojan war as depicted in “The Illiad”.
Greek mythology and historyhas long been