final 2 Essay Photo Manipulation Photograph

Miranda Ray
Dr. Ruvoli, 2 p.m.
March 25, 2014
 Evolving Essence of Photography
Many argue that art is a painting, drawing, or sculpture, b
ut in today’s society art
can be anything, such as photography. The arguments stating phot
ography isn’t art are
 people say, “anybody can snap a picture and claim
it is art”. Yes, anybody can
shoot a picture, but anybody can scribble a picture, or create a painting and call it art.
Pictures trigger emotions, tell stories, catches the eye, present beauty and skill; whether
it’s a sunset, a baby’s firs
t steps, or a historical moment. Photographs the true events,
which will never be forgotten but embedded in minds across the world. Photography is a
dying, or evolving, art form today. The changes from the beginning have expanded
ely and grown to new heights the populace
didn’t foresee. Will the true form of
 photography die out and cease to exist like many great creations? Or will it ascend to
greatness with many new forms of art? Photography constantly evolves; aspects change
daily, the true form and love for photography will be lost with the new enhancements
made in today’s society.
When photography was first developed it was a tedious process only the rich
could afford. The cameras were enormous, frames taller than a six-foot man. When
helping move historical items in my hometown: I personally saw a vintage camera frame
that was taller than six feet. Not only were the cameras difficult to transport, the process
to create the image was mundane and very problematic. Over time, smaller cameras made
it more accessible to carry with a new design and a lower cost. Kodak invented an