fernandesa unit11c Essay Cherokee Native Americans In The United States

Adilson Fernandes
Unit 11 Essay
Was Westward Expansion Ethical?
March 29th, 2013
I was asked if the United States resembled a smart businessman or a playground bully. A
smart businessman would make deals and decisions that would benefit his company. A
 playground bully picks on smaller things and just takes what he wants by force. The U.S
resembles a playground bully. A perfect example would be the Westward Expansion in the
1800’s. During the expansion both ethical and unethical acts were performed. I believe all and all
the Westward Expansion was
. Some examples would be The Indian Removal Act,
The Wars between Spanish and Americans, and all the states added to the union becoming slave
Some people would say that “The Indian Removal Act” was pretty fair. The U.S takes
the Native’s land and in return They give the Native

their own brand new land, plus protection
from any invasions. It quotes in the removal act “ SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall
and may be lawful for the President to cause such tribe or nation to be protected, at their new
residence, against all interruption or disturbance from any other tribe or nation of Indians, or 
from any other person or persons.” Seems pretty fair but the way this act was carried out seemed
very unethical. The acquisition of the Cherokee Territory was taken by force. The Cherokee
Indians were all forcibly removed from their homes and put on to what some may call “The Trail
of Tears”. 3
-4 months of walking 850 miles to a land that these Natives would now have to call
home. Many Cherokee died, about 4,000 cherokee died from disease and exhaustion. Most U.S
citizens did not approve of this act. Some even offered to help the Cherokee but others still did