Fatwa - Essay Fatwa Sharia

Basic Idea of this assignment is to explain the meaning of fatwa, why it is important and how
social and legal stories in fatwa have turned into pieces of jurisprudence. Assignment starts with
the definition and history of fatwa. In this I have discussed about the basic term of fatwa, its
development from medieval period till today and finally who can issue it. After this I have
discussed about the importance of fatwa and how stories in fatwa have turned into pieces of 
 jurisprudence, followed by a conclusion.
Fatwa originates from An Arabic Word “Afta” means to describe or enlighten (plural fatawa or 
Fatwa is a legal opinion issued by a mufti when he answers a specific question
.. In simple words
it can be described as when a Muslim


consults a jurist


on a problem


with regards to law and In return, the Jurist gives his opinion


on the matter and provides
a solution to the problem.
Fatwa were issued to individual Muslims of every status, including
and political authorities
such as the
The main aim of fatwa is to solve a legal problem or provide guidelines in order to find an
agreement for the parties concerned. Fatwa can be binding or non-binding depending upon the
denomination of Islam.
Islam has two denominations Sunni and Shi’a.
For Sunni Muslims a
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