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Sample Student Essays
Fast Food: Who’s to Blame?
On-Demand Writing Assignment
You will have 45 minutes to plan and write an essay on the topic assigned below. Before
you begin writing, read the passage carefully and plan what you will say. Your essay
should be as well-organized and carefully written as you can make it.
 As Americans add pounds, critics are increasingly blaming the fast-food industry.
Teenagers have filed lawsuits blaming McDonald’s for their health problems, and a
public health group in California has asked the governor to declare childhood obesity a
state of emergency. But parents—not the fast food companies, not the government—
are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children. Parents are
responsible for teaching healthy eating and exercise habits. Parents are to blame if 
they let their kids eat unhealthy foods and sit in front of the television or computer for 
hours at a time. We have laws against parents leaving a loaded weapon where
children can find and use it to hurt themselves or others. It’s time to get parents to take
the same responsibility to protect their children from unhealthy foods and lack of 
 Adapted from Daniel Weintraub’s
“The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home”
The Sacramento Bee,
December 17, 2002
Explain Weintraub’s argument and discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with
his analysis. Support your position, providing reasons and examples from your own
experience, observations, or reading.<
br/>The sample student essays that follow reflect the EPT Scoring Guide’s criteria.
Sample student essay with a score of 6:
Daniel Weintraub, in “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home,” states that
parents are responsible for the increasing epidemic of child obesity. Parents need to be
responsible enough to teach their children healthy eating & exercise habits. In our world today,
children sit around & play video games all day, if they are allowed to. Weintraub argues that
parents need to “step up to the plate” and get children involved in some type of exercise. I agree
that parents need to take more responsibility for child obesity, but schools, fast food companies
& the government also need to take that same initiative.
Parents have a lot of influence on their children from the day that child is born. Children
learn how to talk from their parents, how to respect their elders and they
learn healthy
eating & exercising habits from their parents. There are many steps to take in showing a child
what is healthy & unhealthy. A parent could make sure that a child receives a serving of fruits or 
vegetables at lunch & dinner, eliminate soda from the house and even eliminate all junk food
from the house. From a young age, my parents taught me to have an apple for a snack instead
of a cookie & that I should be getting 5 servings of fruits or vegetables a day. This lesson has
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