Farrell 1 Essay Genetically Modified Crops Genetically Modified Organism

Farrell 1
Monty Farrell
Professor Mcgriff
Comp 101
20 October 2014
Genetically Modified Organisms are not the solution for world hunger
Food is a necessity for survival and for hundreds of years humanity has been farming crops
and livestock in order to provide food for themselves and the people around them. Scientists in
 present time are attempting to “improve” the way crops are grown even though organic methods
have been working all this time. Gene splicers have created GM crop properly known as
genetically modified organisms that are created for quick, no hassle growth that will feed the
rapidly increasing human population. The corporations that create and own these GMOs put the
farmer’s in
-between a rock and a hard place with their contracts and prices. The biggest issue
with GMOs is the hidden danger they possess to the
environment, biodiversity, human health,
safety of our food and the careers of farmers.
Does anyone know what a genetically modified organism is? They are an ordinary crop or
organism ranging from corn to cows that are altered with genes from another crop or organism to
make them produce a higher yield at a faster rate or be resistant to certain diseases and insects.

Quite a few people believe that GMOs are the future of food when in reality they are a hidden
danger. For example

More and more scientists around the world are warning that genetic
manipulation can increase the levels of natural plant toxins or allergens in foods (or create
entirely new toxins) in unexpected ways by switching on genes that produce poisons.”
GMO’s are a ticking time bomb that could have drastic consequences on the world’s
food supply.